The Stat Crux forum is a place for learning, and place where we study at the feet of Christ through Scripture, as well as through our Carthusian mentors.

Unlike what you have become accustomed through our IFSB forum, this forum is designed to offer studies and an open conference for limited time periods each month.
Therefore, what you will find are studies offered in series form, such as the intitial studies of the Carthusian Novice Conferences. 

All accepted members of the SBLC will be given access to the forum and will be able to particpate in end of the month discussions regarding the studies offered. There is no time limit placed upon completing studies, as a matter of fact the opposite is in play. Members are urged to review each month's studies as they are offered,  and to reflect upon them, and what you may bring to the discussions are how you personally incorporate them into your life.